ESG Trends – Corporate Responsibility & Governance Insights

The natural evolution of CSR

For years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was the tool that companies used to demonstrate that they were running sustainable business practices. For some, unfortunately, it became a list of boxes to tick on the way to continuing business as usual, or merely as...

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ESG: The triple bottom line

It’s not just shoulder pads and high-powered business meetings, now success is defined by people, planet and profit For many organisations the connection between social good and profit still remains tenuous. Is the organisation’s interest in the planet, better...

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ESGCloud is a SaaS platform that roots ESG in company performance by connecting ESG effort to competitive strategy and opportunities, and in turn profitability.

The software is innovative and intuitive to use, and features have been created with the end user in mind, making data collection and reporting easy through an all-in-one ESG tool.