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Leveraging ESG initiatives to create value for your business

While there is little doubt that having a strong focus on environmental, safety and governance initiatives matter, what is often less clear i...


How to communicate the importance of ESG Metrics to boards and leadership teams

Amongst the many impacts of the global pandemic, it has certainly been a potent catalyst for more attention to be paid to the needs of all stakeholders and the benefits of making sustainabi...

The natural evolution of CSR

For years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was the tool that companies used to demonstrate that they were running sustainable business ...


How to choose the right Sustainability Reporting Framework

There is no doubt that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has become a dominant priority for corporations in recent years, with companies recognising the need for reporting on their...

Non-financial reporting: Ethical Growth

Non-financial reporting paints a clear picture of a company’s performance that’s of value to investor and stakeholder
Financial reporting has long stood as the de facto standard ...

Defining the value of a global ESG disclosure framework

A standardised ESG disclosure framework can potentially transform ESG reporting and perceptions, globally
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure has become a hot c...

ESG: The triple bottom line

It’s not just shoulder pads and high-powered business meetings, now success is defined by people, planet and profit
For many organisations the connection between social good and ...

Five ways that ESG creates value

Environment. Social. Governance. The pillars of value for the modern organisation.
The muted murmur of conversation that’s surrounded the concept of ESG (environment, social and ...

Why your organisation needs to manage ESG

Turn your company towards success with the right approach to ESG
ESG consists of three distinct pillars: Environment, Social and Governance. These pillars offer immense value if ...
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The cloud based approach minimises implementation costs and simplifies deployment, ensuring that you are operational in no time.

Choose from a library of standards, indicators and questions to ensure your ESG data is relevant.

All aspects of the software are designed to guide the user through the configuration and data gathering process, making it suitable for all types of users.

Schedule ESG data gathering activities based on stakeholder expectations, and notify employees through email reminders.

Manage your entire profile online.